Record Sealing After A Drug Conviction

Long after your drug offense has been resolved — whether you served time or your case was dismissed — the record of the case will linger, visible to employers and anyone with an Internet connection. You may have options, however, for having the record sealed from the public, depending on the details of the case and how much time has passed.

Record Sealing Of Felonies And Misdemeanors After A Drug Conviction

At The Law Office of Leon Reed Jr., we are committed to providing individuals the answers and legal solutions they need to move forward past their prior offenses. Our attorney and team will take the time to help you understand all options available to you and represent your interests if you decide to seal a record or seek an expungement. We are experienced in handling these matters and focus our practice on this area.

If you have a drug conviction, we can help. Call our North Texas law office today to learn more about your legal options and what we can do to possibly seal your record.

Your options will depend largely on whether the charges against you were felonies or misdemeanors. We will look at those charges, as well as any other charges you may have faced before or after the offense in question. Sometimes additional charges or convictions can interfere with a petition for record sealing or expungement.

A felony conviction requires at least a five-year waiting period before it can be sealed. Misdemeanors, however, carry a much shorter waiting period. Certain types of misdemeanors require that you wait at least two years before filing to have them sealed.

Minor drug offenses, such as most low-end marijuana or prescription drug charges, can be sealed relatively quickly after the case is resolved.

We will advise you of all options available to you and set to work getting the record sealed as quickly as possible. Call our office today for more information.