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More than ever, it is essential to make sure that your record is clean. Having a criminal record is not just a cause of embarrassment, it can also cost you job opportunities, the chance to move to a new home and can even prevent you from getting insurance.

Under Texas law, however, individuals may be able to take steps to prevent the disclosure of their criminal records to potential employers, landlords and other parties. Lawyer Leon Reed Jr. has helped clients throughout Fort Worth and the Metroplex file for orders ensuring the nondisclosure and sealing of their criminal records.

Nondisclosures Protect Your Reputation

While an expungement erases any mention of an offense from a person's criminal record, an order of nondisclosure prevents the court from providing information about an offense to certain other parties. In most cases, these inquiries come from potential employers, landlords and others performing background checks. Information about the offense does not disappear, however, and will be visible to police and the court.

Who Is Eligible For A Nondisclosure?

Of course, not everyone is eligible for an order of nondisclosure in Texas. Generally speaking, in order to qualify, an individual must receive deferred adjudication, not have it revoked and avoid being convicted of an offense after the period of deferred adjudication ends. It is also important to note that certain crimes, such as murder and other violent offenses, are not subject to orders of nondisclosure.

How Soon Can I Get My Records Sealed?

Texas law requires individuals to wait for a period of time after their case is dismissed before filing for an order of nondisclosure. All felonies have a waiting period of five years, while some misdemeanors have a waiting period of two years. Many misdemeanors have no mandatory waiting period.

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