The Expungement Process

Expungements and nondisclosures allow individuals to move forward from past mistakes without record of these offenses. Whether you were convicted of a crime or simply had a case on file that "went away," you have options for a fresh start.

Many people try to file for expungement on their own. You only get one chance at expungement, so even one mistake can ruin your chances of having the offense wiped from your record.

Make Sure Your Expungement Is Completed Successfully And Your Record Wiped

At The Law Office of Leon Reed Jr., our team is committed to successfully completing the expungement process for individuals throughout North Texas. We are experienced and will provide you with the guidance and representation you need to move past your offense.

If you have questions about getting an expungement or a record sealed, call us today. We will provide you with a clear explanation of what you can expect from the expungement process, given the specifics of your case and how it was handled.

We will walk you through some basic questions about the offense, where it took place and how it was prosecuted. Based on this information, our office will investigate, looking into criminal records and files to see how the case was disposed of. We will also look to see if other charges or convictions could stand in the way of an expungement of this offense.

The expungement process typically takes around two months. After you file for expungement, you may be required to attend a hearing. We will represent you during this hearing. After the expungement has been approved and a judge signs the orders, paperwork must be completed by law enforcement and government entities. The appropriate parties will be responsible for finding and destroying all records within 30 days.

Our attorney and team are experienced in the nuances of preparing and filing a petition for expungement. We will cover all details, giving you confidence that the matter is being handled in the most effective and efficient way possible.