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Most people may not realize it, but simply being arrested for a crime in Texas can change your life in unforeseen ways. Even if the charges against you are dropped, your criminal record continues to show that the arrest occurred. You may have done nothing wrong, but you could still face difficulty in finding a job or moving into a new home.

Fortunately, depending on the circumstances, Texas law provides a process for individuals to clear their criminal records. Fort Worth expungement lawyer Leon Reed Jr. is dedicated to helping individuals throughout Tarrant County and Texas clear their names.

What Is An Expungement?

An expungement, also known as an expunction in Texas, permanently erases an arrest or offense from a person's criminal record. While an order of nondisclosure simply prohibits a court from sharing information about an arrest or offense in a background check, after an expungement, it is as if the arrest or offense never occurred.

Who Is Eligible For An Expungement?

Under Texas law, not every case is eligible for expungement. In most cases, an expungement is available if a person is acquitted of a crime, found guilty of a crime and later pardoned or found guilty of a crime and later proven innocent. Nevertheless, even if expungement is not an option, filing for an order of nondisclosure may be.

At The Law Office of Leon Reed Jr., we carefully examine the circumstances of your case and provide advice custom-tailored to your situation. Seeking the advice of an experienced attorney is essential when filing for an expungement of your record. The process can be complicated and a simple mistake may cause your request to be denied.

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