Deferred Adjudication

District attorneys and prosecutors have a broad range of options when creating deals with defendants or prosecuting charges. Deferred adjudication is a method some use to deal with class C misdemeanors, avoiding jail time for the accused individual.

At The Law Office of Leon Reed Jr., our attorney and team will help you understand if deferred adjudication is an option in your case and what it could mean for your situation. We are also skilled at helping those who have served a deferred adjudication remove the mark from their criminal record.

What Is Deferred Adjudication?

Deferred adjudication is a legal tool used to handle or resolve certain criminal charges, including class C misdemeanors. The defendant officially pleads guilty or pleads no contest. Rather than being found guilty, the individual is placed on probation and must meet the terms of that probation for a set period of time.

If the person finishes the probation order without issues or further criminal activity, the judge will not deliver a guilty ruling on his or her plea, but will defer the guilt, and the case will be resolved.

Deferred adjudication is not the same thing as a conviction in Texas, and a conviction for the offense will not show up on your record. Deferred adjudication, however, will show up on a background check. Our team can assist you in having this expunged or sealed from your record, preventing future employers from seeing it.

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